Friday, January 28, 2011

Settle in and prepare to laugh...a lot!

Oh ladies, this is going to be one hell of a post. I have some profile pics to share today that are AH-MAZ-ING!!! All of these guys have either emailed me or "winked" at me in last couple of days. And you wonder why I complain about there only being weirdos on Match, well, here's my proof :) The good news though is that I am talking to two cuties right now and I have date with one of them tonight. I fill you in on that in a different post.

And now, I present to you "The Creepers of Match"

Now, if you look closely, you can see that he has a mullet!!! And what makes it even better is that his name is Roy, which seems appropriate. This guy emailed me yesterday and wanted to know if I would meet up with him for dinner or drinks that night. I very quickly sent a "No Thanks" generic email.

These are a couple of pictures from this guy's profile. He's got the triple whammy of bad pictures - in his car, at the gym and in this bathroom. He isn't my type to begin with, but his pictures certainly don't help his case. Although they do make me laugh :)

This guy winked at me and I'm pretty sure he's winked at me before because I remember this picture. Again, why in the world do guys think that its appropriate to take a picture of themselves in the bathroom mirror? For god's sake, get a friend to take a picture of you!

Now this picture is just odd. I don't get it, at all! However, my friend Tasha is talking to him right now (his other pictures are better) and he is one of my "Daily 5" matches, so the plan is for me to reach out to him too and see if we can both score a date with him :) It should be a fun little game!

I've save the best for last. If you have an aversion to hairy legs or man thighs, you may want to skip this last picture. Drum roll, please!

Yes, this is actually a picture in someones profile that winked at me!! Why, why, why?!? Nobody wants to see a crotch shot, let alone your hairy legs in spandex shorts. This is definitely the worst (aka the best) picture that I've come across so far.

This picture is of the same guy, but with clothes on. Although he's wearing pleated jeans, which is just sad!

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