Monday, January 10, 2011

End of an Era

Ladies, its the end of era. I'm officially hanging up my online dating shoes. I went out with coffee date guy again, and I just can't do it anymore! The date wasn't awful and he's a nice enough guy, but I'm not interested in the slightest in ever seeing him again let alone having to eventually kiss him! Plus, now I have to "end things" some how after going out twice. Its just not worth the annoyance of having to deal with all of that bullsh*t...

But don't worry, I wouldn't leave without at least one more good story for you :) And I've actually got two! So, I met up with coffee guy at a restaurant/bar that also has a bowling alley in it. I got there a little before he did and I went to check on the availability of a lane and when I got back to the front he was there. I go up to him and say, nice to see you again and I was going to give him a hug (because I didn't really know what else to do) and what does he do, he sticks out his hand! We literally shook hands!! Awful! So that didn't get things started on the best foot. Then through the course of the night, he tells me that his favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse (seriously!?!) and that he tends to really enjoy chain restaurants. Ok, I'm not a foodie (well, maybe a little bit of one), but I do love food and love to try new things and new restaurants so the fact that he likes chain restaurants kind of bothers me. Plus I think he really loves buffets, which is even worse! He also doesn't drink beer or wine and his go to drink is Amaretto Sours. Needless to say, we don't exactly have a lot in common :) We ended up not bowling, going to a Mexican food restaurant (were he ordered a bean and cheese burrito, does it get any more boring?) and then when we left he didn't even walk me to my car. I'm hoping that he got the vibe that I'm not interested but I'm sure I'm going to have to send some sort of break up email.

My second story really sums up the guys I've met over the last couple of months. I'm literally laughing as I write this because it cracks me up how idiotic guys are. So this guy had emailed me back in December and we'd emailed a few times and I guess at some point I must have said that I would meet up with him for a drink but then it was the holidays and I wasn't that interested anyways so I never emailed back. Then a couple of days ago he emailed me again and said that he would still really like to meet up sometime. Now granted, I haven't "talked" to this guy in literally two or three weeks, but I decide that the nice thing to do is to email him back and let him know that I won't be able to meet up with him. I basically said that I appreciate his persistence but that I'm taking a break from dating and that my schedule over the next couple of months is going to be pretty crazy. This is his response "Then don't tell someone that you will go out with them and then chicken out this is a dating website not a chat room." Ok, a) maybe I told you a month ago that I would go out with you, b) I'm allowed to change my mind and c) its obvious now why you're online dating, because you have the social skills of a sharp cabinet corner that I just hit my head on. I mean seriously, you're going to get upset that someone doesn't want to meet up with you after they've made no effort to contact you in the last 30 days?!? Give me a break!

So that was the last straw, I just can't deal with it anymore. However, I do have one last interesting story of someone that I actually would be interested in seeing again :) My family and I along with my friend Tasha went to the Cotton Bowl last weekend in Dallas. We get to our seats and we're watching the pre-game warmup and everything and right before the game starts this guy sitting in the row in front of us but a couple of seats down turns around to me and says "Are you from Stratford?" - that's my hometown - and I say, "Yes???" and then I realize that I know him but I'm not exactly sure how. Well, long story short, he's a guy that I had actually met in Chicago through an old college friend. And when I first moved to Chicago I hung out with this college buddy and his group of friends quite a bit, but I haven't talked to my college friend or seen this guy in years. And I have to admit, it took me pretty much the whole first half to realize how I knew him! Then at half time I switched seats with my brother so that I could talk to him. I felt so bad because he said "I turned around and recognized you immediately and knew exactly how I knew you" - which made me feel good and bad at the same time! Anyways, he's cute, he's single (yay!!), has a good job (he's an optometrist), now lives in Austin and we actually have things in common!! We exchanged phone numbers and I think I'm going to call him this week to see if he wants to meet up for drinks :)

So after its all said and done, blogging has been fun and online dating has been adventurous but maybe it comes down to running into someone from your past in the most random place possible. Who knows where it will go, but either way, I hope you all have enjoyed the blog and I appreciate everyone that reads it!

Love ya!


  1. so I am totally love, love, LOVING the way this story is wrapping up :) how RANDOM and great! can't wait to hear more tales of how this one plays out and certainly, you have every right to take the dating hunt in a different direction! adios, we just weren't a "perfect match," c'est la vie, I'm off to carpe diem!

  2. It does seem fitting right? And like Meghan told me, its a much better story to say that we met at the Cotton Bowl versus thru online dating!