Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No response...yet

Well, there's still no response from Kevin (aka Cotton Bowl guy). I guess I'll give him another day or so, but at this point its just becoming rude! I mean, at least respond to something!! There are some things that I just will never understand.

So since I don't have any real news to report, I thought I would entertain you guys with a few pictures of guys that have either contacted me recently or have viewed my profile and have totally creeped me out. Prepare to grimace, laugh and be astonished and some of the pictures that these guys post :)

As my friend so aptly put it "Oh geez, he looks like a child molester!" Yes, I couldn't agree more. He winked at me last week sometime. He did not receive a wink in return.

This guy claims he's 24 years old. There is no possible way that this guy is 24!! I mean, he looks at least 35! I'm sorry, I just don't buy it.

This guy has me listed as one of his "Favorites"...that's a title I definitely don't want! I mean, he looks like a guy who keeps his "favorites" locked in a room where they receive "special" treatment. No thank you!

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