Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not bad for a coffee date

Well, my coffee date ended up going pretty well. We hung out for two-plus hours and surprisingly I wasn't looking at my watch the whole time wondering when the torture was going to end :) And I can legitimately say that this guy is cute! I have to admit, most of the guys that I've gone out with so far probably haven't had that distinction. But he was cute and a decent dresser, so that got him another check in the "pros" column. The one thing that could be an issue down the road is that he's not real tall. I was wearing boots with probably a two-inch heel and we were almost the same height...

I'm also meeting up with a different guy tomorrow night for drinks. Not especially excited about this one (he's the guy I cancelled on last week) but I feel like I at least need to meet up once with him. He's a professional bird watcher so I'm hoping to at least get a good story out of it for you guys!

Lastly, last night I wrote my first "buzzed" match email. I'd had a bad afternoon and was enjoying a glass of wine (or three) and decided to get online to check out my latest matches. Bad idea!! I found a guy that I thought was cute and decided, I'm just going to email him right now. Well, I started off the email saying that I wasn't a fan of the University of Texas (probably not my best opener since he's a huge fan) and then at some point I called myself a fun and interesting girl! Oy vey!! I also "Sanderlized" him with a reverse statement - I know not everyone knows what that is but basically its used in a sales call when you don't think the prospect is going to make a decision. You tell the prospect that we may not be a good match and if that's the case, then that's okay we can just both go on our separate ways - this usually makes the prospect say "We're a great match and definitely interested in working with you". I didn't go into that much detail but I did say "I hope to hear back from you, and if not, no worries!" Definitely don't need to be drinking and getting online, obviously :) Oh well, all I can do is laugh about it today!

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