Thursday, December 30, 2010

To busy to date?

I don't really know if I am to busy to date, but sometimes it feels that way. I'm supposed to meet up with a guy tonight for drinks and I really don't want to. All I really want to do is work on the menu for my pre-NYE party tomorrow night and clean my apartment. And if I'd rather clean my apartment then go on a date, you know that's a bad sign! So is it bad if I call (aka text) this guy and postpone to next week? I do have a legitimate excuse and I don't even know this guy, so who cares right?

Maybe if I didn't agree to go out with guys that I'm not interested in, I wouldn't find myself in these situations. Because let's be honest, if he was hot and he had sent me good emails there would be no question that I would be meeting up with him tonight! So why do I say yes in the first place? Oh, that's right, I have a blog to write and I need to keep my friends entertained :)

Regardless, I think I'm going to cancel tonight. I've just got to much to do. Plus, I'm hoping to meet a hottie on New Year's Eve so that I don't have to go on any more Match dates!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why do only serial killers wink at me?

I continue to be confused (and amazed) at the people who reach out to me and the pictures that they have in their profile. It just doesn't make sense. When so much of a first impression is based on a picture, wouldn't you think that people would want to have the best pictures possible in their profile? Granted, I have a picture in my set of profile pictures with a fake ginger mustache...but that's just funny, not creepy!

Anyways, here a couple of profile pictures of guys that have winked at me lately. Why can't these guys at least crack a smile?!?

This guy is standing in the forest, with a stone-cold face. If this doesn't say "I know where a good place to hide a body is" I don't know what does. Not only does this guy "like the outdoors" he's also apparently a black belt in martial arts (although I question the black belt thing) all just seems a little sketchy to me!

This guy doesn't seem so much like a serial killer, but more likely to bore you to death talking about himself. Plus his opening line in his profile is "Hi! I'm Ron! Want to grab some Starbucks with me!" A little too much enthusiasm if you ask me. But then again, I'm the jaded cynical one trying to do online dating.

I've also recently tried to reach out to guys that seem somewhat interesting. The problem is they don't respond back!!! Its so frustrating! It seems like online dating is destined only to provide good stories for me, instead of someone to actually date...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Match Guy #3 = FAIL

I had another Match "date" on Friday night and this is how I would summarize it, "He has a soul patch and wears bad jewelry". I wasn't excited about this date from the beginning but the one thing I could give this guy is that he at least wrote intelligently in his emails to me (more on that later). But I knew from the start that he really wasn't my type but I figured I'd give him a shot anyways. Turns out I shouldn't have wasted my time!

However, it did remind me of my total distaste of men's jewelry. I don't even really understand why guys want to wear jewelry in the first place (unless you're a rock star) and especially when its bad jewelry. This guy was wearing a black onyx ring that was set in this crazy silver setting. The best way for me to describe it is that it looked like something a LARPer would wear. And if you don't know what a LARPer is, its someone who does live-action role playing. So basically someone who wants to reenact dungeons and dragons. Plus he was wearing it on his middle finger, so every time he brought his hand up all I could do was stare at this awful ring!! Someone needs to tell guys that the only jewelry that they need to be wearing is a watch and if you're married to them a wedding ring. Otherwise leave the accessorizing to the women!

I'm also talking to a couple of other guys, although again I'm not excited about any of them. One guy can't even spell. He sent me a message saying the he "would defanatly like to meet up". And yes, that's how he spelled definitely! I mean come on! You're 29 years old and you can't even spell definitely right! The other guy can at least spell but I have a feeling we don't have a lot in common, he's basically a professional bird watcher. Although, I think I would go out with him just to say I went on a date with a professional bird watcher :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Not a chance in hell

Well, I had quite the blast from the past this morning. I woke up to a Facebook message from Derek in Chicago. As a refresher this is the guy that "purposefully left his credit card at home to make sure I wasn't a goldigger". WTF?!?

This is the message that I got from him:
Hi, random I know, but just wanted to say hi. I'm sure your doing well. If your in Chicago and have the desire to talk again you can call? Cell 773.372.9731 Nonetheless hope everything is good =)"

I'm not going to respond but if I did, it would go a little something like this. "Hey Derek - I never want to talk to you again. You're a loser with a drinking problem and I wasted 90 hard-earned dollars on you the last time I saw you and then you called me a goldigger at the end of the night. If I didn't make it perfectly clear before, I want NOTHING to do with you. So quit Facebook stalking me and leave me alone."

I don't know, maybe I will send this...:)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well, it didn't take long for the unattractive, overweight, old and/or small Indian men to find me on Match again. I updated my profile and within 24 hours I had a couple of emails. Unfortunately, none are from guys I would actually consider dating!! Also, a couple of them are from guys that have reached out to me before but that I didn't respond to the first time they sent something. If I didn't respond the first time, I'm certainly not going to respond the second time around. Honestly!

Here's the thing that I don't understand. Why do guys who clearly don't have a chance with me email me and then when I "wink" at someone who is cute (or at least cute in my mind), I get no response? Am I destined to only date less than average looking guys? Here's a taste of some of the guys that have reached out to me...

I mean this guy looks so creepy!!

Not my type at all. He also emailed when I first got on Match. I never even responded to his original email and now he's emailed me again!

He's name is do you even pronounce that??

I don't know, I guess I'll try to put myself out there a little bit more and reach out to guys more often. Have I mentioned that I really don't like online dating!?!?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Back to Square One

I know I've been MIA lately but there wasn't a whole lot to write about except that I was going on dates with Gage. Well, that's now officially over. I ended things with him on Friday night. He was a really nice guy and we did have fun together, but we were just too different. We didn't have much in common and had pretty different perspectives on things so I just didn't see it going anywhere. Plus, I just didn't know how to relate to him. He's a very deep and thoughtful guy but I just couldn't connect with him on that level. So on Friday, I called him and told him that I didn't think it was going to work out. He was a total gentleman about it (which made it even harder!) but I could tell that he was bummed about it. Plus, I have the worst timing ever because his birthday is this week...oh well, I figured it was better to break up with him before his birthday rather than after.

So the good news is I'm getting back on the dating bandwagon. The bad news is I'm getting back on the dating bandwagon :) Hopefully, I'll be able to go on some "awesome" match dates or at least have some good stories to post!

Stay tuned!