Friday, October 22, 2010

Date #1

The first date went okay. It was one of those dates that wasn't bad, it just wasn't really great and there wasn't any kind of spark. Chris is a very nice guy but I'm just not sure he's my type...

We went to a place that is a coffee house/bar. I was originally planning on getting coffee but then when our waiter came over and told me that margaritas were on special that today, I quickly changed my mind! And let's be honest, I didn't really want coffee to begin with :) Conversation was fine and there weren't really any awkward silences but we don't have much in common. For those of you that remember my game from the first round of online dating "Quote of the Night" I'm going to try and keep that up this time too. So the quote of the night from yesterday was "Instruments are like colors, each one has a specific color and you can paint a canvas with all of the different sounds they make". He openly admitted that it sounded weird and cheesy, so at least he was completely serious about the whole thing! He's obviously a bit of a music nerd and plays lots of instruments, but I think he's a bit of music snob too. And the problem with that is the fact that I can't see him having fun and breaking it down to someone like Britney anytime soon (and you know how much I love Britney!). Overall I would give the date a B and he did ask to see me again. I told him that I'm going to be out of town most of next week but he wants to get together when I get back, and I didn't know how to say no. So I guess I'll be seeing him again next week. I guess I"ll give it another shot since nothing too crazy happened on the first date.

With regards to Gage, I have no idea what's going to happen tonight with him. I texted him last night to see if he still wanted to get together because I hadn't heard from him about any plans. His text back was "sure, why not, pick your poison". Hmm, less than enthusiastic in my opinion. I tried to joke back with him and said don't act so excited, you know we could actually have fun! So now I kind of feel like this is a project where I want to prove to him that it can be fun and that meeting up with someone is not as scary or bad as he might think. We'll see what happens!

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