Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Couple of Updates

I know I've been a little MIA this week but the Match circuit has been slow and I was traveling for work most of the week. However, I do have a few updates to share with you.

First, as I mentioned, its been pretty slow this week in terms of guys showing interest in my profile. Sure, I've gotten some winks from small Indian men and an email or two from Latino musicians but unfortunately nothing of much interest. I even sent my first email to a guy without him contacting me first and I got no response!! Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to be more proactive in my search and actually start contacting some of these guys first. But when I don't get any response it makes me a little self-conscious (and worried) that that's not going to work!

Secondly, I was supposed to go out with coffeehouse Chris on Friday night, but after thinking about it during the week I decided to cancel. I thought he was a really nice guy but there just wasn't a connection there and we didn't have anything in common. So after some convincing from some great girlfriends, I decided to email him and cancel the date. This is what I said.

"Hi Chris,
Hope you've had a good week. Its been crazy busy for me. I am definitely ready to get home and sleep in my own bed!

So I've been thinking about our date tomorrow and I think I'm going to respectfully decline your offer. I think you are a really nice guy and I enjoyed talking with you at Spider House, but I just don't think that we have a lot in common. And I don't feel that its fair to go out on another date with you when I don't see things going past a second date. I'm trying to be honest with myself and other people that I meet through this process and so that's why I wanted to send you this email. I apologize for the late notice, but I hope you understand.

Good luck with your search,

He emailed me back pretty quickly saying, that's cool and thanks for the email. He was a total gentleman about it! Like I said, he's a really nice guy but for some reason I just couldn't find the attraction...

Lastly, I have been talking sporadically with deep conversations Gage :) We've texted back and forth a couple of times over the last few days and on Friday we talked about maybe meeting up sometime this weekend to either go to a haunted house or to go downtown and people watch with all the crazy costumes that are sure to come out. The problem with Gage is that he's not quick on making plans. He tells me that we should hang out this weekend but then never says when. For example, his last text to me was the about the haunted house or going downtown. I texted back sure lets meet up that sounds fun and I haven't heard anything since! So does he mean Saturday or Sunday? Does he want to hang out during the day or just at night?? Its just kind of annoying that he doesn't give me more of a heads up on what the plans are. Especially since I will make other plans if I haven't heard from you!

So those are the updates for now. My plan this week is to get some courage (or maybe just drink liquid courage) and to start reaching out to guys on my own. Scary!! I'll let you know how it goes :)

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