Monday, February 7, 2011

A Super Bowl Win

Although I only saw about 10 minutes worth of the game last night, I do know this. The Packers scored enough touchdowns to pull out the win and I scored a few touchdowns myself :)

I hosted a Super Bowl party last night and I invited Bryan. He in turn invited a couple of friends from his MBA program, which was great because the more the merrier. At the beginning of the night, I was running around letting people into my apartment complex and making sure that everyone had food and drinks so I felt kind of bad because I wasn't able to pay that much attention to him. But the great thing was that he and his friends fit right in with everyone! Everyone was really friendly and social, and I didn't have to worry at all about everyone getting along. It was perfect!

Bryan stuck around for awhile after the game and it was just Bryan, me, Wes, Jamie and Jamie's roommate and her boyfriend and it felt totally comfortable. There was no awkwardness and Bryan fit right in like he's been around forever. It was actually quite nice :) Then when we were talking later in the night he said, "Thanks for having me and my friends over tonight. They all thought that you were really cool" So it sounds like I got friend approved! Overall it was a really good night and things are looking positive!

We still need to have a conversation around his last relationship and him "not really looking for anything" but I feel like things are going really well. So I'm staying hopeful that he's open to exploring what we might have together, because I kind of feel like we're already dating!

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