Thursday, February 3, 2011

Question of The Day

Why does it feel like I'm only attracted to guys after I've consumed several cocktails? And I don't mean it in that I'm not attracted to guys because I am and I clearly don't play for the other team. But in the sense that it seems like the real "attraction" never comes until I've had a drunk make-out session at the bar. Maybe its just that I'm more fun after a few cocktails!

But honestly, when I think back to how some of my previous relationships have started, I hate to admit it, but a majority of them have started after a night of drinking at the bar and hooking up. Sometimes going all the way or sometimes "hooking up but not having sex" as my friend would say. Obviously there are pros and cons to starting a relationship this way. Pros: there are less inhibitions and lets be honest, you're drunk so you think that you look like a million bucks and are a master in the sack! Cons: you've now given away "the goods" and there's no going back to just light make out sessions. Plus it can be kind of awkward in the morning when you realize that you've just spent the night with someone that you don't know that well and you're trying to find your underwear :)

Now, this did NOT happen last night. I went out with Cole and we went to this restaurant Barley Swine that I've been wanting to check out. The food was awesome, but the company was so so. He's a nice enough guy but he wasn't as cute the second time around. What I'm trying to figure out is if I should go out with him again to see if we start to "click" more or if after two dates, since I'm not really feeling it, should I move on? I mean, should I be giving these guys more of a chance? But at the same time, I usually know pretty early on if I like someone or not, but lately I've just been so blah about everyone I meet. 

Tonight I have a date with Bryan and I hope it goes well. My concern with him is that I don't think that he has a lot of extra time to date right now and I feel like I'm the one who is pushing things forward. But I'm going to stay positive and hopeful that things will go well and that something more will come out of it than just two dates!

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