Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why do only serial killers wink at me?

I continue to be confused (and amazed) at the people who reach out to me and the pictures that they have in their profile. It just doesn't make sense. When so much of a first impression is based on a picture, wouldn't you think that people would want to have the best pictures possible in their profile? Granted, I have a picture in my set of profile pictures with a fake ginger mustache...but that's just funny, not creepy!

Anyways, here a couple of profile pictures of guys that have winked at me lately. Why can't these guys at least crack a smile?!?

This guy is standing in the forest, with a stone-cold face. If this doesn't say "I know where a good place to hide a body is" I don't know what does. Not only does this guy "like the outdoors" he's also apparently a black belt in martial arts (although I question the black belt thing) all just seems a little sketchy to me!

This guy doesn't seem so much like a serial killer, but more likely to bore you to death talking about himself. Plus his opening line in his profile is "Hi! I'm Ron! Want to grab some Starbucks with me!" A little too much enthusiasm if you ask me. But then again, I'm the jaded cynical one trying to do online dating.

I've also recently tried to reach out to guys that seem somewhat interesting. The problem is they don't respond back!!! Its so frustrating! It seems like online dating is destined only to provide good stories for me, instead of someone to actually date...

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