Monday, December 20, 2010

Match Guy #3 = FAIL

I had another Match "date" on Friday night and this is how I would summarize it, "He has a soul patch and wears bad jewelry". I wasn't excited about this date from the beginning but the one thing I could give this guy is that he at least wrote intelligently in his emails to me (more on that later). But I knew from the start that he really wasn't my type but I figured I'd give him a shot anyways. Turns out I shouldn't have wasted my time!

However, it did remind me of my total distaste of men's jewelry. I don't even really understand why guys want to wear jewelry in the first place (unless you're a rock star) and especially when its bad jewelry. This guy was wearing a black onyx ring that was set in this crazy silver setting. The best way for me to describe it is that it looked like something a LARPer would wear. And if you don't know what a LARPer is, its someone who does live-action role playing. So basically someone who wants to reenact dungeons and dragons. Plus he was wearing it on his middle finger, so every time he brought his hand up all I could do was stare at this awful ring!! Someone needs to tell guys that the only jewelry that they need to be wearing is a watch and if you're married to them a wedding ring. Otherwise leave the accessorizing to the women!

I'm also talking to a couple of other guys, although again I'm not excited about any of them. One guy can't even spell. He sent me a message saying the he "would defanatly like to meet up". And yes, that's how he spelled definitely! I mean come on! You're 29 years old and you can't even spell definitely right! The other guy can at least spell but I have a feeling we don't have a lot in common, he's basically a professional bird watcher. Although, I think I would go out with him just to say I went on a date with a professional bird watcher :)

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